Monthly Archives: November 2013

Starting Out

Course Notes

So, there it is, ready to go!

I’m not going to say too much in this opening post; it’s really about getting something started. I’ve had a first read through and the path ahead looks no less exciting than it did when I enrolled, I’m pleased to report. This module is, at present, a vast open space, into which I will place a ‘Body of Work’ that will be my final output from this creative journey – alongside my ‘Contextual Studies’, to which this blog will refer from time to time, I’m sure, and my efforts to publicise what I’ve produced, under the module title ‘Sustaining Your Practice’, which will follow in due course. I’ve started out on enough modules now to understand the mix of trepidation and anticipation that one feels at this stage. I really don’t have a clear idea of where this is going to lead, but I don’t think that matters just now – and ideas will begin to emerge and develop over the next few weeks/months. The next step is to have a preliminary chat with Clive, my tutor for this module, and I hope to arrange that shortly – after which there will, I’m sure, be more to say in here.

Until then …