06 String silhouette repaired

I have been studying with the Open College of the Arts since 2007 and have completed the equivalent of the first two years of degree course. There are links on the right to two of my most recent modules – ‘Progressing with Digital Photography’ and ‘People & Place’. As one would hope, I’ve come a long way in that time and have developed considerably as a photographer/artist. I could have just said ‘photographer’ or just ‘artist’ – or have come up with some hybrid name for whatever I am in the process of becoming – but I’m not convinced it matters a great deal. My studies have taken me through all sorts of photographic genres, looking at all manner of photographers, reading a wide range of photographic and cultural theory, and leading me to here – the final three modules of my degree. Here is where it might all come together and I might begin to understand what I am becoming – whatever it might be called! I’ve called this blog my ‘Creative Space’ because that is pretty much what faces me just now – a blank space into which I, with the support of my tutors and no doubt some fellow students, will deposit my creative flow over the next few months.


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