Where do I go from here?

Personal Journey-21

Time for a bit of planning and structure, I think, after completing the first Assignment.  How do I move things on from this point?

Let’s start from where I’m at right now:

The broad directions for my Body of Work are defined and agreed;

I know that there is more than enough to challenge/extend and to enable me to satisfy assessment criteria.

So, what are the next objectives?:

Assignment Two should be the next ‘landmark’ and I believe that it should comprise:

  • at least 6 studio-based images, ideally more, which a) move the experimentation forward, and b) are at or very close to, a completed standard;
  • at least 2, preferably 3 or more, self-portraits, which are also at, or near to, completed standard.

Assignment Two should be submitted by mid-May/end-May at the very latest.

How do I get to that point?

I’d assess that it requires a different approach for each of the two main strands of work – being more open-ended, the studio work could be progressed in all sorts of ways, whereas the self-portraits are more focused can be more easily planned.

Studio Work:

  • could usefully be informed by looking at and reflecting on the relevant work of some other contemporary photographers;
  • and, in parallel, further ‘thinking with’, but in an informed and directed manner.


  • select, say, 3 or 4 on which to concentrate;
  • plan what is required to deliver each one;
  • research/organise as necessary;
  • produce 3 or 4 portraits for submission.

Personal Journey-23

Time to cast off!


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