Textbook Project–developing another image!

From this …



… to this …

Diffuse and Specular Density Pattern 5

Diffuse and Specular Density Pattern 5 – Construct

To be clear on one thing … I don’t know what ‘Diffuse and Specular Density’ means!  I have looked in the ‘Textbook’ and read a few sentences, but they don’t make much sense to me and I don’t intend to look any further because I have no need of that knowledge and only a very passing interest in it.  As I have said before – this project involves deliberately appropriating ‘signifiers’ from one context and giving them a new ‘life’ elsewhere.  Jean Baudrillard would suggest that ‘capital’ does this all the time, presenting us with images that are significant in their own hyper-real context, but which mask the lack of a ‘real’.  Diffuse and Specular Density Pattern 5 – Construct is certainly not a representation of anything ‘real’ – but it is, perhaps, seductive and interesting; certainly, to most people, more seductive and interesting than the diagram above it.  Yet it has no connection to anything other than its own ability to interest and seduce.  The diagram above it, though, if you understand what it signifies, has some potential to visually communicate a concept that has practical application in the process of traditional, film-based photographic image-making; so, on that basis, a lot more potential to be useful and of value than my construction!

It was a lengthy process, going from one to the other.  These are some of the steps:

Diffuse and Specular Density Diffuse and Specular Density Cropped

Diffuse and Specular Density Pattern 3 Cropped

Diffuse and Specular Density Pattern 3 Fabric Print

… and then printing onto fabric, creating a ‘still-life’ and re-photographing …


… before constructing Diffuse and Specular Density Pattern 5 – Construct , which has five layers – top and bottom being versions of the last pattern, with three ‘angled’ versions of this photograph between them – and various stages of delete/reveal.

All that work to create something that is more seductive and attractive but of less ‘use’ than the original! Makes you think! Why?  But then, that’s the point of the project …


3 thoughts on “Textbook Project–developing another image!

  1. Yiannitsa Cegarra

    Excellent pattern, it made me think of the little cocktail unbrellas. Or maybe I just need a drink?? Very interesting.

    Now not to deviate, I see the referencing and now just have to get a grip and push on… after the drink?? 😜

    1. standickinson Post author

      ‘… little cocktail sticks … connotations of relaxing in the warm sunshine … sound of the gentle waves lapping … no Contextual Studies to worry about …!’ – all from a boring old chemistry diagram. It works!! Keep at it, Yiann. you’ll sort it!

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