Getting over some frustration … and moving on!

This post is just intended as a record of some frustration that has impacted on me and my work over the last few weeks – stemming from some bad communications by OCA, I’m afraid.  Back in June, at the L3 weekend event in Barnsley, some significant changes to assessment procedures were communicated, with an indication that they would apply to all L3 students and would begin on 1st September 2015.  Now, I missed part of the session and might have had a slightly less than clear picture; plus it happened to catch me exactly at the point (Ass 4 going towards Ass 5) where I was trying to get my assessment plans organised; and, I may, through a desire to get things right, have got overly concerned about matters – so I’m prepared to acknowledge those aspects.  However, that I and a fellow student had the change confirmed to us just three or so weeks ago, only for there to be an announcement, ten days ago, that a decision not to change had actually been made back in June, but not fully communicated – that isn’t excusable.  However, apart from recording that it doesn’t help one’s planning (or motivation), enough said and time to move on!

I have submitted my final Contextual Studies Assignment; I have enrolled on Sustaining Your Practice; and I have been working on some ideas for BoW submissions – of which more later.


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