This Blog is Closed

I have noted a few new followers for this blog in recent weeks and I thought it worth pointing out that it was the Learning Log for one of my BA Photography modules, which was completed in 2017. As such, the blog has ‘closed’ i.e. there will be no new posts.

I am currently studying an OCA Drawing Skills module and the Learning Log for that is here: stanocadrawing


3 thoughts on “This Blog is Closed

  1. Julie Harding

    Hello Stan, I am currently studying the Photography 2: Digital Image and Culture module with the OCA and your project ‘Cricket Matches’ has been used as an example for our project ‘Photomontage in the age of the Internet’. I would like to reference this in my learning log, and just want to make sure you are happy for me to do so before I upload it to my blog. Thanks in advance …


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